12″ x 9″ x 4″ Single Wall Glued Stock Box (305 x 229 x 100 mm)

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Why choose a single wall cardboard box?
Single wall cardboard boxes
Comprised of a single layer of corrugated cardboard, these single wall cardboard boxes provide high-quality protection that is more than sturdy enough to support many of our customers’ needs. We provide this standard construction at a very affordable wholesale price, making this product one of our most popular products.

What physical qualities do single wall cardboard boxes have?
Our general-purpose corrugated cartons are made of a durable four-flap design that arrives flat-packed for convenient storage. To create the box, use one of our many packing tapes to secure the bottom and top flaps, incorporating one of our tape dispensers for ease. All of our single wall cartons are a standard brown colour on both the inside and outside. Some of these boxes have the added advantage of being multiscored. This allows you to reduce the depth of your carton to a pre-scored dimension, by cutting down the existing slots (between the flaps) and folding along the pre-scored crease. Multiscore depths, where applicable, are marked in the table and are always located inside the box. Furthermore, it is worth noting that some of the flaps are printed with our logo, a barcode and the size reference.

The sizes shown in the product table are the internal dimensions of the single wall box once constructed, and in the order of: length x width x height.

How thick is a single wall box?
A single wall box features a single layer of fluting sandwiched between two flat linerboards, and the thickness of this can vary between specific board grades and manufacturers. Our single wall boxes have R and B fluting, giving these board grades a respective thickness of 2.3mm and 3mm.

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