12 One Way Masterline Disposable Piping Bags 530 X 280mm

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The unique design of the Masterline Green Piping Bag from One Way is both food safe and transparent at the same time, so the user can see what is inside the bag whilst still having the green food safe element.

One Way Premium Piping Bags have an exceptionally good grip on both wet and greasy hands. This is because all One Way piping bags are equipped with a patented rubber-like outer layer, the Soft Touch Comfort grip.

One Way Premium Piping Bags are puncture resistant due to the 4 to 6-layer structure: The layering of the film makes it practically impossible to press a hole into it. The strength of the layered material ensures that the force of the hands is well distributed throughout the bag for accurate dosing. The multi-layer film is made up of high-quality raw materials, so you can use and refill the piping bags all day long without loss of quality. One Way Premium Piping Bags are supple yet dimensionally stable.

The piping bag stays nicely open, so you can effortlessly refill again and again. The cost of a piping bag is mainly determined by residue and the losses when the bag is torn open. This piping bag has a very smooth inside so that minimal residue remains in the piping bag. One Way Premium piping bags combine transparency with a food-safe coloured tip. You can see which product you are working with, and any air bubbles are visible. This guarantees precision and control during use.

Soft Touch Comfort Grip, Extra smooth interior, 100% recyclable, Perfect Seal, 100% Hygienic, Dispenser box

530 x 280mm, (21″) 12 per pack.


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