12″ x 12″ x 12″ Double Wall Glued Stock Box (305 x 305 x 305 mm)

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Double walled cardboard is comprised of a dual layer of corrugated material and is designed to provide twice as much strength and protection as a single walled box. The layers are securely glued together to offer increased resistance against compression forces that are unavoidable when shipping or transporting items. The advanced construction guards against damage so that your parcels arrive in the best condition possible.

What varieties are available?
We offer a diverse range of sizes to cater toward most industries and items that need to be dependably packaged. Our 0201 double walled cardboard packing boxes are one of the most popular types of cardboard cartons for shipping goods via a carrier or postal network. As such, we supply an extensive variety of sizes to satisfy the needs of most businesses.
What are double wall packing boxes used for?
There are near limitless uses for cardboard boxes and the second corrugated layer increases versatility further. The additional strength is well suited to heavier objects that might put a strain on our single walled cartons in addition to companies posting large orders of multiple items. Postal services can safely stack these boxes without crushing any surrounding parcels and the extra protection granted by the double corrugated layers is also ideal for shipping sensitive products. However, if you would deem your products to be extremely heavy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team of product experts who are able to recommend a more suitable packaging solution, such as our export and pallet boxes which are designed specifically to accommodate larger projects.

How much weight can a double walled box hold?
Small to medium-sized double wall boxes have a loading capacity of 18-36kg depending on the size of the box, while the larger sizes can hold between 27-54kg of evenly distributed weight.

When packing items, it is advisable to distribute the weight of items evenly to prevent any one area if the box being strained. If you are shipping particularly heavy items, you may want to consider reinforcing the box with additional packaging materials, such as our foam protection products, or opting for a stronger box like our extra heavy-duty boxes.

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