Square 7 Tiered Acrylic Cup Cake Stand

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Square Tiered Acrylic Cupcake Stand


Tier Sizing: 18” Base with 16”, 14”, 12”, 10”, 8” and 6” Diameter

This is a seven tier acrylic stand to hold up to 150 cupcakes, depending on size. Our unique design is strong and durable, and enables quick and easy replacements if ever necessary.

This square cupcake stand consists of an 18” solid base stand, with an edging plate around the perimeter, and an opening at one side to allow fairy lights or other decorative pieces to be added inside. There are seven tube feet (2” diameter) attached to the base to add strength and sturdiness.

There is a removable central pole that runs through the height of the cake stand, this is hollow and allows for fairy lights, decorative acrylic chips, or various confectionery pieces to be added inside. Each of the other six square tiers are removable due to their design. A tier plate is fixed to a 5” high sleeve that slides over the central pole in order to equally space each tier.

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