Round Tilted Scalloped Acrylic Cake Stand / Separator

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Round Tilted Acrylic Cake Stand / Separator


Tilted Top Plate Diameter: 8”

Base Plate Diameter: 6”

This is a 3.5” high round cake separator that can be used to separate tiers of a cake. These can also be used as a stand to raise cakes at an angle for a statement piece.

The tilted round top plate can display your wonderful baked creations without the risk of slipping. There are two small, strong lips that will hold a round cake and board in place. Between the top and base plate there are two scalloped pillars that keep the 8” display plate at a slanted position.

This acrylic cake separator design will work great together with our Four Pillar Scalloped Acrylic Cake Stand / Separator.

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